Field Service Engineer

Eygelshoven, Limburg, Zuid-Limburg
€32,000 – €55,000 per year

As a Field Service Technician, you'll be at the forefront of ensuring operational excellence by providing expert maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting services both on-site and remotely.

Over deze functie

Key Responsibilities

  • Diagnose and resolve equipment issues through direct troubleshooting or remote support, ensuring minimal downtime and excellent service quality.
  • Travel extensively (approximately 80% worldwide) to client sites, delivering handson service and fostering positive client relationships.
  • Install and upgrade machinery, collaborating with clients to enhance their operational capabilities.
  • Conduct preventative maintenance on a variety of machines to ensure longterm functionality and efficiency.
  • Manage and document the usage of service parts, including the coordination of returns for unused or defective parts.
  • Maintain detailed records of activities, visits, and other relevant documentation to support service objectives and continuous improvement efforts.


Background: Level 7 or Level 8 in Mechanical, Mechatronics, Automation, Agricultural, or Electrical Engineering; or three to five years related experience
Technical Proficiency: Strong skills in mechanics or electronics with a solid understanding of PLC systems.
Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written abilities in Dutch and English; additional languages are a plus.
Interpersonal Skills: Professional demeanor with the ability to remain patient and courteous under pressure.
Analytical Thinking: Logical and solutionoriented approach to challenges.
Teamwork and Independence: Capable of effective collaboration and autonomous work.
Organizational Skills: Highly organized, selfmotivated, and receptive to coaching.
Technical Literacy: Proficient in reading technical blueprints and schematics; adept with Microsoft Office applications.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Base Salary: €32,000 – €55,000 annually, commensurate with experience.
  • Shift Allowance: Saturday (before 13:00 at 150%, after 13:00 at 200%), Sundays at 200%.
  • Overtime Allowance: Monday – Friday (up to 3.5 hours at 125%, beyond 3.5 hours at 150%).
  • Holiday Allowance: 8.2% of annual salary.
  • Annual Leave: 25 days based on a 40hour workweek.

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